About the SFB Writing Program

The Scriptorium is the Writing Program of the SFB. Its objective is to support all members of the SFB in their individual and collaborative academic writing projects.

The program of the summer semester 2014 includes the following:

[1] Writing group 'PhD thesis / 2nd book / Habilitation'
      Thu, 09:00-10:00 (

This group is a writing accountability group in which participants support each other to increase their writing productivity and improve their writing habits by using time management and productivity tools. In addition, there will be from time to time input on special topics which the members of the group choose.

[2] Writing group 'Writing Your Article  in 12(+) Weeks'
      Thu, 14:15-15:45 (
This group is based upon the program Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, developed by Wendy Laura Belcher at UCLA and Princeton, and has been adapted to suit the situation of young researchers at a German university writing for international journals.

[3] *NEW* Writing group 'Article'
      Time and place t.b.d.

This new writing accountability group is geared towards all SFB members who wish to support each other in their article writing. Similar to the thesis / book writing group, we will employ time management and productivity tools to increase writing productivity and improve writing habits. Particular attention will be paid to collaborative writing and special tools helpful for managing small groups of writers working together on one article.

[4] *NEW* Individual Coaching of Single and Collaborative Writers
      Wed, 16:00-17:00 ( and by appointment

The individual coaching is open for all questions and/or problems in regard to academic writing, including finding and limiting the subject of a thesis/article, structuring the research data and text, motivation, work (over)load, time and project management, the publishing process, and good scientific practice. Depending on the issue, the coaching may have either the form of a single meeting or a number of meetings to accompany the writing process through its stages. Collaborative writers can be supported in managing their cooperation and projects.


In addition, a 'Schreibberatung' and a 'Dissertationsschreibgruppe' have been designed for and are offered in support of the Graduate Training Program philGRAD of the Heinrich Heine University's Faculty of Humanities.


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