SFB 991

Temporal constraints on discourse structure

The goal of our project is to establish the necessary ingredients for a theory of discourse coherence in terms of frame structures. The envisioned theory will contribute to our understanding of discourse coherence by shedding light both on the structure of the frame-based representations that underlie discourse interpretation, and on the computational processes making use of such representations in the interpretation of discourse. The application of frames can provide a common ground for integrating traditionally different types of research on discourse structure, giving the project interdisciplinary relevance for linguists, philosophers, psychologists, computer scientists and literary analysts.

Funding Agency:  Strategischer Forschungsfonds (SFF)

Head of the project

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Altshuler

Institut für Sprache und Information
Juniorprofessur Semantic
Universitätsstr. 1
40225 Düsseldorf, Germany


Postdoctoral researcher

 Dr. Karoly Varasdi